AXA Arctic Live

7 Jun 2021 @ 12:00am - 17 Jun 2021 @ 12:00am


Lindsay Getschel

28 May 2021

Join us for AXA Arctic Live 2021!

AXA Arctic Live 2021, part of the AXA Ocean Education programme, is returning for its eighth year. While we are unable to travel to the remote north this year, we will be reaching out to Arctic experts from across the globe to bring this amazing frozen world into your classroom.

We will run 21 broadcasts over two weeks for all school-age groups, including lessons in English, Spanish, and French. AXA Arctic Live offers students the opportunity to interact live with a series of live investigations and expert interviews with polar experts. We will look at all things Arctic, from flora and fauna and the polar exploration to how the Arctic Ocean is changing due to human activity, with a focus on the Arctic Live research topics of ocean acidification and plastic pollution.

Arctic Live is underpinned by teaching resources to aid class preparation and reflection. The whole program is designed to build ocean literacy, develop critical skills, inspire STEM careers and engage environmental stewardship.

Arctic Live is an exciting way to teach children about the ocean and spark their curiosity about science. The Live lessons can easily be incorporated into the classroom or can be watched from home. They can also make for fun summer school activities! We are also hosting a special Arctic Live Around the World day of lessons on 8 June to celebrate World Ocean Day and to ensure lessons are accessible to children globally.

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