Marine Environmental Education Program ‘Albatroz na Escola’ (Albatross at School)

Yago Ferreira

Yago Nascimento

31 Jan 2023

The Marine Environmental Education Program ‘Albatroz na Escola’ (Albatross at School), aims to sensitize educators and students to the conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels and coastal and marine ecosystems, serving all school years, from Kindergarten to High School and Youth and Adult Education. It’s interdisciplinary and free to join. The ‘Albatross at School’ – EaD for interdisciplinary training of educators focuses on the Decade of the Ocean and proposes activities and contents of Marine Environmental Education to be applied in the classroom, using didactic material created exclusively for this program. Based on critical environmental education, that educators are invited to carry out small projects with their students, always using participation and dialogue for their development. The program is divided into three stages: (i) training of educators; (ii) moment of the development of activities with students in the classroom, with follow-up by the project’s Environmental Education team and (iii) moment of closing and presentation of results. The ‘Albatross at School’, serves educators from Baixada Santista, in São Paulo, and Região dos Lagos, in Rio de Janeiro, in a face-to-face format, and other locations in a virtual format. Between 2020 and 2022, the program directly served 197 educators and 6,866 students, distributed in its on-site area of operation and other regions of Brazil, through ‘Albatross at School’-EaD.