Ana Rita Fraga

Teacher & Researcher, Açores, Portugal

Member since 03 Sep 2021

Ana Fraga is Teacher (Philosophy) and Social Scientis working, in Fisheries, Sustainable Coastal Development & Maritime Survaillance and Control System. Based in the in Azores Islands (Portugal), at the moment she works as scientific consultant . Having expertise Sociology, Education, Communication Sciences, Philosophy & Ethics, she develops social applied research in Fisheries, focousing the issues of Socioecological Systems, Deviance & Social Behaviour, Governance, Co-management & Citizenship. Her current empirical field work focus on Sociodemographic assessments in IEAs, Indicators for Sustainable Coatal Management & Responsible Fishing Operations and on mapping the problem of illegal fishing and the lack of compliance towards environment protective measures / fishing restrictions (an behavioural approach on context's real 'portrait' of assumptions or motivations behind illegal practices).


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