Maritime&Logistic Consultant. Marine Engineer, Retired Rear Admiral, Chile

Member since 23 Apr 2021

Linked to the ocean since entering the Chilean Naval Academy at 14 years old. Specialist in Marine Mechanical Engineering and sub-specialist in Deep Diving and Salvage. Master´s degree in Naval and Maritime Sciences with a major in Management and Logistics. Post title studies with a diploma in Management and Maintenance Systems at the University of Manchester and Swansea United Kingdom. Postgraduate studies with a diploma in Governmental Resources Management from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California, USA. Professor on maritime and logistic disciplines at the Naval Academy, the Naval Polytechnical School, the Naval War College and the National Academy for Political and Strategic Studies. Member of 3 Board of Directors of different companies: ASMAR, Chilean Shipyards; SOCIBER, Iberoamerican Repairs Society and; SISDEF, Engineering and Integration Systems. Before leaving the active service in the Navy as Rear Admiral on January 2009, lasts professional experiences where: Deputy Chief of the Chilean Naval Mission in London and Adjunct Naval Attaché to the United Kingdom, Deputy Director of the General Logistic Directorate, Director of the Naval Systems and Engineering Directorate and Director CEO of Chilean Navy Shipyards ASMAR. Has participated in collaborative and teamwork efforts in different international organizations dedicated to maritime field and ocean engineering, among others: a)The Lloyd's Register Ship Naval Technical Committee, international technical group responsible of harmonizing maritime commercial regulations with naval technical regulations (2001-2006); b)The Pan-American Institute of Naval Engineering, a non-profit civil society dedicated to stimulate the development of marine engineering and maritime transport in the American Region, becoming Vice president and President on 2007 and 2008 respectively ; and c)The Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Asia-Pacific Region, inter-governmental and co-operative organization which promotes the effective implementation and universal application of relevant IMO/ILO instruments on ships operating in the Asia Pacific Region, becoming Vice President and President of its Committee from 2013 to the end 2018. Some professional activities included maritime, logistic and technical collaboration activities, leading different courses, audits, conferences and consultancies in diverse countries as Mexico, Marshall Island, Panamá, Colombia, Argentina and Canada, in addition of having participated in Port State Control meetings and committees in more than 20 countries of Asia Pacific and Latin America Regions. As independent Maritime and Logistic Consultant during the last years has participated as speaker on the following international conferences: a)“Panama Maritime World Conference 2019” in Panama City on march 2019 with theme “Technological Challenges: Artificial Intelligence and its impact on logistic, port and shipping” ; b)“IMO World Maritime Day Parallel Event” in Colombia on September 2019 with theme “Sustainable Development Goals, related with the Ocean Governance from Maritime Perspective” ; and c)Video Conference to magister course of the University Institute of Prefectura Nacional Argentina on May 2020 with the theme "Exploring Maritime Governance and the sustainable use of our oceans”. Recently, he has published papers related with Ocean Policy and Ocean Literacy implementation in Chile inside the Ocean Decade framework,(only in Spanish today): a)Contributing to a Sustainable Ocean Governance in Chile by the implementation of our National Ocean Policy, 2020; b)Ocean Literacy for Chile. A Proposal, 2020; c)Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development 2021-2030: An opportunity for the social and economic development of Chile, June 2021; and d) Ocean Literacy Strategy and Action Plan for Chile, 2022. (References on the more than centenary Chilean Maritime Ligue Review,,


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