Crowdshipping Inc

United States

Member since 05 Jun 2023

"Crowdshipping is a software solution that brings customers and providers together in a dynamic collaborative environment ensuring that package delivery requests placed by customers are delivered to various destinations using readily available excess transport assets on the Crowdshipping network to the satisfaction of users in the delivery chain. The system was created to democratize logistics, solving the fulfillment logjam that still exists in the supply chain. By challenging conventional wisdom Crowdshipping inspires the co-modal effect of the Crowdshipper, consequently, reducing the environmental impact caused by the stop-and-go development of transport assets in the delivery chain. At its core, the system emulates the ride-hailing model inspired by the rideshare gig economy. This groundbreaking approach to logistics is actually ride-hailing for package delivery. The invention brings land delivery, air delivery, container, and maritime transportation to the fingertips of users at a moment’s notice. It is the first-ever invention." Visit -


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