Gloria Rodriguez

Founder The Ocean in our Life

Member since 17 Dec 2023

As a graduate student in Mass Communication, Law, Maritime Affairs and a Master of Administration of Sea Ressources, she was the Development Advisor for the Planning Departement of the Government of San Andres, Old Providence and Saint Catherine Islands, In Colombia​. Since Gloria graduated, she has been proposing and developing educational programs and offering lectures, around the word. For professional interest, she went to Charles Darwin Research Station and Heron Island Research Station. She volunteered at Maui Ocean Center, Maui and Koke'e State Park, Kihei. Following Elisabeth Mann Borgeses suggestion at the IOI International meeting of Pacem of Maribus XXI and Pacem of Maribus XXIII, Gloria participated in the conception and the publication of “MAR 94”, the Latin-American Yearbook, with the CCO and ACAC. Since 2021, Gloria main interest is the Global Challenges world is facing : climate change and conservation of Nature. Publication in progress “Living in Harmony with Nature”


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