MARINE SURVEYOR With International Safety Management and Pollution Prevention, Oil spill crisis and disasters prevention and Emergency Response. Risks prevention Chief of Service and Trainer

Member since 30 Mar 2024

Im Mr KAIMO Dieudonné, Safety Security and Environment Specialist, and a Marine Surveyor with International Safety Management and Pollution Prevention Specializism. Im based in Africa my country is Cameroon which position is on the Gulf of Guinea in Atlantic Ocean. As Maritime Safety specialist, i usually carry on Emergencies Response on Oil Spill with role of on scene leader. Meanwhile the region is constantly exposed to risks related to oil and gaz exploitations that causes disasters, environmentals impacts and economicals losses. With my Position of Maritime Risks Prevention and emergency response leader, i have the responsability of assessing risks, training and education, to protect Oceans and seas resources, secure riverines populations and environment.


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