Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Member since 05 Jul 2021

I have done Engineering in Aeronautical from Anna University,Tamil Nadu, India in 2017. During the course, I had opportunities to learn and work with different Institute in field of Aeronautical. I am a fisherman and from my coastal relations, I mainly focusing on connecting aeronautical knowledge into the marine filed. I have worked in design and fabrication of Maritime Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) working on rough Marine conditions. After completion of my graduate studies, I have been working as a Research Assistant for the University of Sussex in a project forecasting with Fishermen: Co-Production of ocean weather knowledge with artisanal fishermen of South West India-Project Funded by LRGS, UK. My professional experiences research and development projects with the University of Sussex enriched me to conducting research, surveys and interviews to gain better result for the project. It also capacitated me to analysing statistics, maintaining the database, compiling and presenting information orally, visually and in writing under the supervision of the Project head. I also have experience in Managing field data and scientific weather prediction maps, logistics and inventory for the Project. I am also engaging in Co-production of Ocean weather and climate knowledge and weather patterns over the southwest Indian coast using both indigenous knowledge and modern meteorology. Being an Ocean aspirant, deep sea fisherman and a scuba diver, I have also the experiences of volunteering with organisations like International Whaling Commission (IWC), UK, in a project Exploratory survey for the Arabian Sea humpback whale off the west coast of India and Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML), an Australian based organization working on coastal and community surveys, research to determining marine debris hotspots and identifying behavior and patterns of marine debris in Indian Ocean. During my work with IWC and PCFML, With a capacity of marine researcher, Climate Activist and Community youth leader, I got chance to study more about Northen indian ocean. Experience with these research organizations enriched me with the planning and implementation of result oriented tasks and communicating science and knowledge to the scientific and civil community as a representative of both. As an executive member of Coastal Students Cultural Forum (CSCF), I am undertaking marine environment related voluntary activism and promoting ocean literacy with coastal youth and graduate students. I am also volunteering with Radio Kadal-Community radio for fishermen in Trivandrum. I frequently speaks at national and international conferences on climate change, conservation of marine resources and issues of indigenous Fisherfolk in South India.


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