Luciana Ferraro

Researcher, Italia

Member since 16 Dec 2020

Luciana Ferraro is currently researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). She is involved in multidisciplinary investigations of living and fossil foraminifera that include fieldwork (both land and sea), ecological and geochemical biomonitoring and stable isotope stratigraphy focused on understanding the paleoclimate and paleoceanographic evolution of Neogene and Quaternary-Holocene Mediterranean marine records. Her main research interests concern marine micropaleontology, with particular attention to: ecological characteristics of benthic foraminifera and the mechanisms of coupling between physical-chemical factors and the response of benthic foraminifera in relation to different stress and pollution. She participated in many national and international research projects as member and co-P.I. and to more than 25 oceanographic cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. Author and co-author of more than 60 scientific articles on ISI journals and 20 technical reports. Currently, she is involved as partecipant of Terna Project Rete Italia Piano di Monitoraggio Ambientale relativo all’interconnessione delle isole campane alla Rete di Trasmissione Nazionale - Collegamento in corrente Alternata a 150 kV “Nuova SE di Sorrento – SE Capri. Since 2011 she is involved in the international FOraminiferal BioMonitoring (FOBIMO) Group, a consortium of 99 scientists developing the use of foraminifera as bio-indicators.


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