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The SANID Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) is a dedicated humanitarian organization working to improve the lives of vulnerable communities , in Yemen. Established in 2014. SANID has a proven track record of providing essential aid and fostering sustainable development initiatives. Mission Sanid Organization for Relief and Development seeks to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030 by creating better living standards for all segments of society, focusing on women, children, youth, people with special needs and the marginalized, and integrating the elderly in society. . Building peace in partnership with local and international community organizations in accordance with the principles of common humanity. It is based on quality and excellence, in addition to seeking to protect Yemeni cultural and civilizational heritage at all levels, protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, achieving sustainable development goals, and caring for animals, whether in their original habitat or preserving them. In captivity Areas of Focus: 1. Providing rapid and effective humanitarian assistance to families affected by disasters and wars in Yemen, including providing food, water, shelter, medical care, and psychological and social support. 2. Reducing food insecurity and malnutrition: We will provide food baskets, water purification tablets and other basic supplies to affected families to help them meet their immediate needs and prevent malnutrition. 3. Improving access to shelter and sanitation: We will distribute emergency shelter kits and build temporary housing units for families who lost their homes. Sanitation facilities will also be improved in affected areas to prevent the spread of diseases. 4. Promoting access to health care: establish and support mobile clinics and healthcare facilities in affected areas and will provide medical care, including trauma counseling and mental health support, to those in need. 5. Increasing educational opportunities for children affected by the crisis: We will implement educational programs and provide educational materials to help children continue their education. It will also address the psychological and social impact of the crisis through psychosocial support programs. 6. Promoting economic empowerment among affected families: We will provide livelihood opportunities, vocational training and microfinance loans to help families achieve self-sufficiency and rebuild their lives 7. Strengthening social cohesion among affected communities: We will support community organizations, enhance social interaction, and foster a sense of shared responsibility and support to enhance social cohesion among affected communities. 8. Building resilience among affected communities: We will train community members on disaster preparedness and response measures to build resilience and reduce exposure to future disasters 9. Make a significant and lasting impact on the lives of Yemenis affected by disasters and wars. It will help alleviate suffering, enhance resilience, and contribute to achieving peace and stability in Yemen. 10. Preserving nature and biodiversity, assessing the condition of reserves, conducting environmental impact studies, preserving, protecting and developing them, and preventing pollution and climate change in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities. 11. Support in the areas of preserving and protecting Yemeni cultural heritage, raising awareness of the importance of this heritage, and building capabilities to reduce disaster risks in Yemen. SANID ORGANIZATION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT Yemen- Sana'a - Al-Hasba - Shu'ub District - Al-Hasba Al-Jamahiriya Street - Alhabari Round-behind Aljedri Station Tel : +9671231744 Mob:+967775433335 Email :


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