Suhas S P

Student | Offensive Cybersecurity Researcher | Content Creation Strategist, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Member since 08 Jun 2022

Suhas S P, also known as SSP, he is a Bengaluru-based offensive cybersecurity researcher and content creator strategist known for his versatile technological contributions. Suhas S P was born on July 11th 2006, Tuesday. SSP is currently 17 years as of 2024. Suhas S P is the Founder, CEO of Vacuus Dash, a fashion brand founded in September 2021 and with emerging waves of an unique approach to print-on-demand apparel. From Web Development and Programming to Visual Editing and Designing, Content Creation, Ethical Hacking, SEO, GCP and with many other such various skills & platforms, he has been continuously diversifying his knowledge and understanding at varying levels by his belief in "Igniting The Limitations", and strong passion for technology. With a proven track record of enhancing cybersecurity infrastructure for numerous companies and organizations, SSP has earned notable recognition, including being inducted into the Hall of Fame by the United Nations Information Security and receiving accolades from the Google VRP through their Honorable Mentions in 2022. He also shares insightful cybersecurity write-ups and articles on Nulartus, an independent blog platform. His writing predominantly focuses on delivering unique and simplified content related to technology and cognitive enhancement, making complex subjects easily comprehensible to a wide audience.


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