ARTABRO BIRDS Participatory bases for the definition of a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) in the Artabro Gulf



Participatory bases for the definition of a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) in the Artabro Gulf

(Information available in Spanish and Galician)

The main objective of this project was to lay the foundations for the conservation of the seabirds of the Ártabro Gulf and that, through the conservation of their habitats and resources, it was possible to simultaneously protect and conserve the marine environment, as well as to maintain the activity of an artisanal fishing sector, very important in this area and that has been developing its activity in a sustainable way in the territory.


  • Identification and diagnosis of the populations of sea birds of the Ártabro Gulf, impacts and threats: in order to identify the potential ornithological values of the territory, the following actions will be realized:
    • Compilation of the scientific existing information on this matter across the Center of Environmental Documentation “Domingo Quiroga” of the CEIDA.
    • Field works carried out by biologists specialists, for the census of the reproductive populations, over-wintering and migrated sea birds in the Ártabro Gulf and his use of the space along the annual cycle, with special attention to the species target of conservation.


  • Analysis of the potential impacts and existing threats in the territory, across:
    • Seminar with experts in different matters (contamination marinates, accidental apprehension, ecology, public use, etc) that will incorporate an participatory activity opened into the whole citizenship.
    • Sectorial special interest groups to know at level of this impacts and threats.


  • Making of a participatory process for the definition of the bases for the creation of a potential SPA in the Ártabro Gulf. The actions to develop are:
    • Sectorial participatory workshops (ONG, administration and local and civil entities, environmental and fishing administration, fishing sector, recreative fishing, academic organizations, tourist sector).
    • One participatory process online opened to the whole citizenship and to all kinds of entities.
    • Final participatory workshop, with representation of all the agents and sectors with the target to reach a few joint conclusions.


  • Making a document ‘ Bases for the declaration of a ZEPA in the Ártabro Gulf ‘, result of the works of inventoried and scientific description of the populations of sea birds, and of the participatory process.

(available in Spanish and Galician)