AXA Ocean Education


Lindsay Getschel

20 Jan 2021

AXA Ocean Education is a leading provider and innovator of ocean literacy teaching resources to drive greater understanding of the importance of the ocean and help inspire the next generation of scientists and decision-makers.

AXA has been supporting ocean science research since 1992, including through the Catlin Arctic Survey, XL Catlin Seaview Survey, and XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey. Now we’re sharing our discoveries with children, teachers, and parents so that we can all learn about the important role the ocean plays in our everyday lives.

At the programme’s core are two central components: teaching resources and Live educational lessons. With hundreds of freely available teaching resources, including lesson plans, student activities, quizzes, and more, translated into six languages, AXA Ocean Education makes learning about the ocean accessible, and our 360-virtual reality tools create stimulating and immersive learning experiences. Through our Live lesson events, we connect over 200,000 students directly to marine researchers and experts working in some of our world’s most fragile marine ecosystems, the Arctic and the coral reef. With these unique education materials and experiences, AXA Ocean Education aims to increase ocean literacy globally and foster appreciation of ocean science careers and sustainability.

AXA Ocean Education has so far reached over 8.5 million children in 96 countries, with over 80% of teachers agreeing or strongly agreeing that the resources enhance ocean literacy.

We welcome all ocean lovers, coral explorers, Arctic adventurers, students and teachers to join the millions who are already part of AXA Ocean Education.

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