Ocean Literacy for the Finance Sector Webinar Series Module 2 – Ocean data & risk management

Cópia de 2- Finance_Francesca_Public benefits of the ocean
Ana Vitoria Tereza de Magalhaes

Ana Vitoria Tereza

30 Mar 2022

Calling all Finance Sector professionals! The ocean is constantly interacting with all sectors of the economy with physical, political, economic, and financial implications across the globe.

This 2nd module will showcase examples of how ocean data can support better risk management. This Module will be moderated by Dr. Francesca Santoro, Programme Specialist from IOC-UNESCO, and will showcase the work of the following speakers:

  • Daniel Bowie-MacDonald, Absolute Return & Multi-Asset Investing
  • Jamie McMichael-Phillips, Project Director Seabed 2030
  • Lucy Scott, IOC-UNESCO
  • Insurance risk management – Lindsay Getschel, ORRAA Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance
  • Markus Müller, Managing Director I Global Head of Chief Investment Office Deutsche Bank – Private Bank


This project was made possible due to the support of the Government of Sweden.