The Ocean&Climate Village catalogue is now online

Ocean&Climate Village
Ana Vitoria Tereza de Magalhaes

Ana Vitoria Tereza

22 Feb 2023

The Ocean&Climate Village catalogue is now online

The catalogue dedicated to the IOC-UNESCO Ocean&Climate Village traveling exhibition about the connection between ocean and climate is now online!

Authors: Valentina Lovat, translation Ana Vitória Tereza (IOC-UNESCO)


Ocean&Climate Village is the first traveling, interactive and educational exhibition dedicated to the ocean and climate, developed by the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. The initiative is part of the All4Climate initiative of Pre-COP26 and in the context of the United Nations has proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).


The goal of Ocean&Climate Village

Ocean&Climate Village is an innovative tool to spread the main concepts and principles of Ocean Literacy as well as promote a transformative change in the way society experiences the ocean.

At the heart of this awareness-raising task are young people and various sectors of society, which aim to raise awareness on the Generation Ocean that by 2030, will have developed not only recognition of the ocean importance and adequate scientific knowledge, but also support the new generations to become the protagonists of the needed change.


The Ocean&Climate Village catalogue

Such as the physical experience of the Ocean&Climate Village, the catalogue collects the contents presented inside the exhibition through the point of view of the illustrators who participated in the creation of the panels.

Nevertheless, the catalogue is full of stories and inspirational narratives from people all over the world who are dedicating their lives to ocean, cultural, and natural heritage conservation and use their skills for disseminating ocean knowledge and creating collective awareness aimed at achieving the Agenda 2030 objectives.

The catalogue is available in Italian and English in PDF and digital format.


Discover the Virtual Exhibit 


Discover the PDF in English 


Download the PDF in Italian 


Who contributed to the catalogue?

The Ocean&Climate Village and its catalogue were conceived and developed by the IOC-UNESCO Ocean Literacy team, with the contribution of:

  • Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO
  • Peter Thomson, United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean
  • Francesca Santoro, Senior Program Officer – Ocean Literacy, IOC-UNESCO
  • Victoria Alis, Youth4Climate Delegate for Seychelles at pre-COP26
  • Luca Fois, Professor of Event Design at the Politecnico di Milano member of CiLab
  • Anne de Carbuccia, Environmental Artist
  • Marcello Ziliani, Professor of Design at the University of San Marino
  • Federico Girotto, Designer and Davide Santini, Art Developer, creators and developers of UpSea Down
  • Kerstin Forsberg, marine biologist and social entrepreneur
  • Daniela Basso, Professor of Paleontology and Geobiology at the University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Fabien Cousteau, Aquanaut, Ocean Explorer and Environmental Advocate
  • Marco Bravetti, Main Chef at the Spiazzi Cultural Association, gastronomic project TOCIA!
  • Barbara Davidde, Superintendent of the National Superintendency for Underwater Cultural Heritage
  • Henrik Oksfeldt Enevoldsen, Program Coordinator, IOC-UNESCO
  • Vinicius Lindoso, Head of Communication, IOC-UNESCO
  • The catalogue also contains the collection of illustrations present in the Ocean & Climate Village directly narrated by their illustrators and illustrators: Maria Boragno, Clara Fois, Esteban Gottfried Burguett, Folco Soffietti, Yue Liu, Camilla Tomasetti, Chiara Cortese and Maia Lihuen Seri.


In the Generation Ocean section, the catalogue collects testimonies and projects of ocean professionals, contributing to a new generation aware of the importance of the ocean and the impact that our daily actions have on it.


Listen to the voices of the Generation Ocean: