The European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA): Towards A More Ocean Literate Europe


Géraldine Fauville

05 Jan 2022

Abstract: We always do our best to find colleagues or others with whom we can share ideas. As teachers, we now and then seek the company of a teacher association where we can learn from each other. As marine educators, in Europe, we have to travel a long distance to meet a group such as the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA). Meeting other marine educators takes us away from our islands and gives us the opportunity to expand our horizon. Attending the annual conference of the NMEA is by far an overwhelming experience that provides us with plenty of resources and also recharges our batteries! It simply makes us grow professionally in our jobs. But one has to be candid; travelling to the U.S. is not inexpensive and often time consuming. Few employers are willing to make this investment, especially when budgets are being reduced globally. In order to create meaningful collaborations with other members of the ocean community, Europe needs its own network of marine educators, a network that is closely affiliated with the NMEA and the international ocean community.