“Albatrupe 1: Flying on the High Seas” – Educational video about albatrosses and petrels

Yago Ferreira

Yago Nascimento

30 Jan 2023

This is the first video from an animated series, created by ‘Projeto Albatroz’.


Addresses the ability of albatrosses to migrate from one continent to another and simulates the impatience of birds until they reach the desired location by flying over the oceans.


About ‘Albatrupe’

The fun ‘Albatrupe’ class was created to raise awareness of the conservation of albatrosses and petrels. The characters are productions by LightStar Studios, which has already participated in the development of animations such as ‘Ice Age’, ‘Mulan’, ‘Snoopy’ and ‘Asterix’.

The species chosen as characters were selected according to the degree of extinction and occurrence in Brazil. The details of each one’s personality are close to the biological behavior of birds. The characters are: Téo, Fred, Tristão, Judith, Alba, Tina, Sophia. Thanks to Petrobras’ sponsorship, through the Petrobras Socio-environmental Program, Albatrupe is featured in comics, comic strips, videos and promotional materials for the Albatroz Project.


About ‘Projeto Albatroz’ (Project Albatross)

Albatrosses are migratory seabirds and spend most of their lives on the high seas, where they interact with longline fisheries. The target of this industrial fishing technique is big fish like tuna. Unintentionally, fishing can also catch albatrosses and petrels. Reducing this bycatch is Project Albatross ‘s biggest mission .

The work we develop is maintained by the Albatroz Institute, which is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP). In order for our mission to be fulfilled, we work in partnership with the Government, fishing companies and fishermen.

Our main line of action is the development of research to support public policies and the promotion of environmental education actions with fishermen and schools.

Want to LEARN MORE about check out our site: https://projetoalbatroz.org.br/