IMPORTANT: Use headphones to listen to all the sounds!


Twelve children from the interior of Brazil are invited to enter natural waters for the first time in their lives. Diving into the lake also means diving into their own emotions. Facing their fears, trusting others, surrendering, relaxing, loving the water and the wanting to take care of it stimulate the awakening of a new environmental awareness.

MORE INFO WE ARE WATER is a 16min documentary that invites the viewer to open up to a “new water culture”. The film is the result of a series of meetings between Patricia Furtado de Mendonça and teachers & children from 7 social institutions of Rio Verde (Goiás), as part of the “We are Water Project”, an initiative from the Secretariat of Environment and the City Wall of Rio Verde. The experience inside the water that gave rise to the film was conducted by Patricia Furtado de Mendonça in April 2019.


Premise: most marine pollution originates in inland waters.

WE ARE WATER is not a film about the Ocean, but it just exists because of the Ocean. For various reasons, the majority of children living in the interior of Brazil have never had the opportunity to visit coastal areas, to get to know the Sea. Schools, especially in the interior, are not used to offer Marine Education classes. Thus, for them, the Ocean is a universe as far away as Mars: they know little about it. Therefore, connecting them truly with the natural waters of the region where they live is the first step for them to wish to learn more about the Ocean, so that they understand that, taking care of the waters of their rivers and lagoons, they will take care, indirectly, of the great Ocean that is responsible for our life on Earth. After all, as the Water Cycle shows, all waters are connected.

Project Idealization: Patricia Furtado de Mendonça / Acqua Mater

Film Direction: Patricia Furtado de Mendonça & Rita Albano

Realization: Cajamanga

Initiative & Sponsor: Secretariat of Environment and the City Wall of Rio Verde (Goias/Brazil)