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Increase public awareness and encourage a more responsible and informed behaviour towards the ocean and its resources. In this platform you are able to share your resources and materials with the Ocean Literacy Global Community

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Ocean Literacy - Meet an Epert

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Who can get involved?

  • Government

    Submit your actions and events to our platform to share with the ocean literacy network.

  • Policy-maker

    Share your events, materials and actions and discover opportunities

  • Scientists

    Share your research findings and papers to educate others and collaborate. Receive recognition and accreditation for your work.

  • Educators

    Share materials and collaborate with other educators to raise awareness of ocean literacy.

  • Citizens

    Submit your actions and events, and share your initiative with the rest of the world.

  • Business sector 

    Share your materials, discover opportunities and increase your positive impact

  • NGOs

    Share your activities and discover how you can contribute with ocean literacy

Why get involved?

The Ocean Literacy Portal facilitate collaboration among professionals interested in developing joint ocean literacy activities, here you are able to share your work, discover worldwide initiatives, connect with other ocean professionals and stay updated about ocean literacy actions happening worldwide.


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