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Ocean Literacy With All

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Ocean Literacy With All (OLWA) advances Ocean Literacy (OL) through international partnerships and networks by designing and implementing transformative locally and globally relevant research-based activities and projects by and for diverse stakeholders. This programme builds capacity and behaviour change to achieve an ocean literate society to help ensure sustainable development of the global ocean.


The first two years, Ocean Literacy With All (OLWA) will focus on

Ocean Literacy With All

Develop a global ocean literacy research programme filling the current knowledge gaps

Promoting international Ocean Literacy research collaborations, and co-identifying research priorities and areas of intervention.

Ocean Literacy With All

Strengthening the global ocean literacy community through targeted networking activities

Implementing activities to strengthen the connections and exchanges among existing Ocean Literacy networks and to promote the creation of new ones.

Ocean Literacy With All

Develop the capacity of all stakeholders to engage in ocean literacy through specific training programmes

Developing accessible Ocean Literacy training courses and capacity building initiatives for different target groups including educators, media ,government, the private sector, civil society, NGOs  and other stakeholders.

Ocean Literacy With All

Support the incorporation of ocean literacy across all Decade Programmes to promote and advance ocean literacy

Providing services such as training and advice for interested parties who look for support and facilitation to incorporate Ocean Literacy in their Decade Programmes.




Skills, knowledge and technology for all.

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Ensure comprehensive capacity development and equitable access to data,information,knowledge and technology across all aspects of ocean science and for all stakeholders.

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Change humanity’s relationship with the ocean.

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Ensure that the multiple values and services of the ocean for human wellbeing, culture, and sustainable development are widely understood, and identify and overcome barriers to behavior change required for a step change in humanity’s relationship with the ocean.

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  • University of Gothenburg
  • Ocean Literacy Italia
  • Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition
  • Educators Association (EMSEA)
  • Ocean Conservation Trust
  • Federal University of São Paulo
  • TBA21
  • National Marine Educators Association
  • Portuguese Directorate-General for Maritime Policy
  • International Pacific Marine Educators Network
  • Latin American Education Network for the Ocean (RELATO)
  • Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California
  • Acquamate
  • Irish Ocean Literacy Network
  • Cardiff University
  • Australian Association for Environmental Education
  • Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP)

Meet the team

  • Nicola Bridge Co-lead Component 1
  • Rebecca Zitoun Co-lead Component 1
  • Yolanda Sánchez Co-lead Component 1
  • Diana Payne Co-lead Component 2
  • Diz Glithero Co-lead Component 2
  • Houraa Daher Co-lead Component 2
  • Noirin Burke Co-lead Component 3
  • Patricia Furtado Co-lead Component 3
  • Geraldine Fauville Co-lead Component 4
  • Selvaggia Santin Co-lead Component 4
  • Ronaldo Christofoletti Co-lead Component 5
  • Evy Copejans Co-lead Component 5
  • Francesca Santoro Co-lead Component 6
  • Ana Vitoria Tereza Co-lead Component 6
  • Yun Sun Co-lead Component 6
  • Tecla Maggioni Co-lead Component 6
  • Valentina Lovat Co-lead Component 6

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