Noémi d'Ozouville


Member since 11 Oct 2022

Noémi d’Ozouville is a Galápagos resident, working and living in the islands since the year 2000. Results from her novel PhD investigation into the hydrology and hydrogeology of the Galápagos Islands, a poorly studied field, informed both protected area and ecosystems management decisions and management of water resources for the human population. Given this experience, as well as working in the non-profit sector, an independent consultant, and in the public sector, she has valued the extent to which knowledge management, information sharing, and networking amongst sectors is vitally important for the sustainable development of the islands. While working from the Galápagos Government Council, Noémi was actively involved in the participatory processes leading to the publication of key public policy documents such as the Galápagos Reactivation Plan, Roadmap to a New Special Law for Galápagos, the Galápagos 2030 Plan and the Galápagos Contextualized Curriculum for Sustainable Education. Over these years, Noémi engagement in community initiatives has grown significantly. She is a founding and active member of the Frente Insular of the Galapagos Marine Reserve collective which acts to support plastic free Galápagos, youth empowerment and connection to nature. She is an external advisor to the management body of the Galápagos Community Library. And she is leading the Galapagos Infinito Program that seeks to connect Galápagos children to their home, through digital and in person missions to access the sea, protected areas and nature.


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