Teaching and Learning with Living Heritage | Material for Teachers

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Ana Vitoria Tereza de Magalhaes

Ana Vitoria Tereza

20 Dec 2023

Material for teachers and educators participants of the Webinar “Teaching and Learning with Living Heritage”. 

  • Interpretation ITALIAN

Insegnare e apprendere con il patrimonio vivente | WEBINAR PER INSEGNANTI ED EDUCATORI

  • Interpretation PORTUGUESE BR

Ensinando e Aprendendo com o Patrimônio Vivo | WEBINAR PARA PROFESSORES E EDUCADORES

  • Title ENGLISH

Teaching and Learning with Living Heritage | WEBINAR FOR TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS

  • Title SPANISH

Enseñando y aprendiendo con el patrimonio vivo | WEBINAR PARA PROFESORES Y EDUCADORES

  • Title FRENCH

Enseigner et apprendre avec le patrimoine vivant | WEBINAIRE POUR ENSEIGNANTS ET ÉDUCATEURS


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