The sea and the coast, valuable resources for all


(Information available in Spanish and Galician)

An environmental education program for the conservation of our coast values (biodiversity, economic and cultural)

Since 2005

Aimed to: Primary and Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Training Cycles, Associations and others collectives


  • Natural Protected spaces:
    • Natura 2000 network.
    • Galician network of Protected Spaces.
    • Marine Protected areas.
    • Opportunities of these spaces.
  • Threats and impacts of the Galician Coast and of the Natural Protected Spaces.
  • Natural monument Costa de Dexo:
    • Natural, hereditary and landscape values.
    • Traditional, current uses of the Natural Monument. Other uses that allow the sustainable use of the Natural Monument and in general of the natural spaces.

* Contents adapted to the ages of the participants.


  • Visits to the Classroom of Sea and Lighthouses of Mera, Center of Visitors’ Reception of the Natural Monument Coast of Dexo:

The Classroom of Sea – Center of visitors’ reception – turns nowadays into the entry almost forced to the Natural Monument Coast of Dexo. The ancient housing of the lighthouse keeper lodges an exhibition of panels and audio-visual projections that contribute us a global vision of the natural, heriditary, economic and landscape values of the Galician coast.

Available: during the whole year

Duration: 1 hour

Number of participants:

  • Minimum: 15
  • Maximum: 25


  • Route for the Natural Monument Coast of Dexo:

Protected enclave where it is possible to observe the entry to laugh at the Ártabro Gulf: A Coruña, Ares-Betanzos and Ferrol, and place where to enjoy the scenery that the cliffs offer us, unequivocal sample of the bravery of our sea.

Available: during the whole year.

Duration: 2 hours and a half

Number of participants:

  • Minimum: 15
  • Maximum: 25


  • Route visits classroom. Combination of the two previous activities.

Available: during the whole year.

Duration: 3 hours and a half.

Number of participants:

  • Minimum: 15
  • Maximum: 25

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