Gonzalo Bravo

Marine Science Educator, Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina

Member since 08 Dec 2020

Marine biologist - Master in Oceanography - Scientific Diver - Marine educator If I could choose a place to live, I always choose the ocean. Where I can do my job and at the same time enjoy my life fully. I always dreamed of being a professional surfer, and even if I didn't make it, I was able to pursue my dream at sea and devote myself to marine biology, oceanography and marine education. I'm looking to ask myself questions: How does it work? Which species live there? Why do they live there? Through science I find answers and I am learning to share them. Spend many afternoons reading books, but many more enjoying the water in the sea. Actually working in a NGO (@proyectosub) and doing my PhD (CONICET)


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