Toolkit for divers for citizen science monitoring of P.oceanica


Valentina Lovat

12 Dec 2023

For the monitoring of the restored meadows of Posidonia oceanica, the partners of the Save the Wave project in Tremiti Islands (Italy) decided to adopt a citizen science approach collaborating with the staff and scientific divers of the local diving center.  The divers were given the task of collecting data following a simple scientific methodology which is described in the document.

This document aims at giving a guideline to the stakeholders involved in the collection of data for the monitoring phases of the project. The toolkit features an approach which can be easily followed and implemented by the practitioner to collect data (e.g., pictures) and share them with the scientific partners for the assessment of the restoration activities.

Following this method, the Save the Wave project is able to directly engage the local community to enhance the development of a collective consciousness for the protection of the local marine environment.