Application to become an European Blue School


Ana Vitoria Tereza

27 Oct 2022

Is your school bringing the ocean to the classroom?

The Network of European Blue Schools is an initiative of the greater #EU4OceanCoalition that connects diverse organisations, projects and people contributing to Ocean Literacy

This network aims to inspire teachers, school director, staff and other educational stakeholders, to challenge their students by including the ocean in the school curriculum.

Schools that successfully include Ocean Literacy in their activities may be eligible to receive the European Blue School label.

The Blue Schools Network aims to:

  • Support students to act as ocean stewards
  • Support schools to include the ocean in their curricula
  • Strengthen best practices and incentivize more schools to receive the European Blue School label

💡If you aim to become a Blue School, go check the EC website:

#BlueSchoolsNetwork #EuropeanBlueSchools #BlueSchools #EU4Ocean


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