Indira Angela Luza Eyzaguirre

Indira Angela Luza Eyzaguirre

Avenida Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 271 Bairro: Perpetuo Socorro CEP: 68600-000 Município: Bragança
68600000 - Pará | Brazil



- Aquaculture
- Blue Economy
- Climate Change
- Marine policy
- Ocean plastics
- Ocean Science Education
- Stakeholder Engagement

Laboratório de Ecologia de Manguezal (LAMA) in Brazil and Resiliencia Innovadora NGO in Peru

English, Portuguese, Spanish


<span class="JsGRdQ">Peruvian woman, Environmental engineer and researcher. Graphic designer, photographer and writer by passion. Currently, she works with socio-environmental and conservation projects, she is a promoter in the International Network of Promoters SDGs Brazil and she is a Teach Ambassador SDG.</span>

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