Promise Nwachukwu

Promise Nwachukwu

Eluama Umuezea Ezinihitte Mbaise
462110 - Imo | Nigeria



- Aquaculture
- Ocean plastics
- Ocean Science Education
- Stakeholder Engagement




Nwachukwu P. Chris is a Nature Lover, Ecovangelist and International Environmental Advocate who is dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable future for our generation.

I’m the Founder and Convenor of the Green Promise Initiative Organization (GPI), An NGO on a passionate journey to inspire environmental change, committed to a sustainable future and to bring a shift in environmental consciousness based on passion.

GPI has sponsored several sustainable livelihood projects, tree planting and conservation projects with collaboration with other organizations in Gambia, Niger and Nigeria.

As a community mobilizer, I’m greatly inspired by nature, its resilience, treasure its beauty and speak about the importance of preserving natural spaces around the world, protecting animals and conservation of natural resources. What is remarkable about me is my creativity in my seminars, posts on social media, workshops with Children, youths, rural women. I come up with bewildering ways of getting people see remarkable things about their environment and potential to make it better thus spurring them to action.

In a world where people destroy their own habitat, exploiting their resources and treating them without respect and dignity; I believe that loss of connection with nature is the root cause; without connection to nature people will lose interest in protecting it as nature is essential for human existence.