What is Ocean Literacy?

Ocean literacy is defined as an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you, and your influence on the ocean.

Ocean literacy is a way not only to increase the awareness of the public about the ocean, but it is as an approach to encourage all citizens and stakeholders to have a more responsible and informed behavior towards the ocean and its resources.

The Ocean is the defining feature of our planet

The ocean covers approximately the 70% of the planet surface. There is only one ocean with many ocean basins, and the Earth’s highest peaks, deepest valleys, and flattest plains are all in the ocean.

The ocean is an integral part of the water cycle and is connected to all of Earth’s water reservoirs via evaporation and precipitation processes.  The Ocean is connected to major lakes, watersheds, and waterways because all major watersheds on Earth drain to the ocean. Rivers and streams transport nutrients, salts, sediments, and pollutants from watersheds to coastal estuaries and to the ocean.

Our mission is to make the World Ocean-Literate.

The focus of the Ocean Literacy for All initiative is to:

develop a global partnership to raise the awareness on the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of our ocean and its resources, and build an improved public knowledge base across the world population regarding our global ocean. This Portal has been developed to help you find the best resources the World has to offer on Ocean Literacy

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